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Every, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon, we head out to a little building we call Margaret's Place in the Jimenez and Camphora farm workers camps just outside of Soledad. Here we help children of all ages with their homework, tutor them in reading, do crafts, and play games with them. Most importantly, we offer them positive attention, as well as safe and constructive activities to do after school. At a big Christmas party at Margaret's Place put on by Notre Daame High School, the children from the camps played games, ate supper and treats, broke pinatas, and received presents (thanks in part to the children at Salinas Valley Community Church.) In addition to help with homework, Margaret's Place now offers an Art Club for the children to participate in every week. By giving them an opportunity to create and express themselves, we hope to nourish the children's imaginations and cultivate awarness of beauty. We look forward to sharing the talent and creativity of the children this year in an art show. If you have any craft or art supplies to donate, they would be greatly appreciated. See you at the Art Show!

We also bring beans and rice, clothes and furniture to these camps in Soledad and to Corda Camp in Gonzales every Thursday as part of our Guadalupe "Building Bridges" project.

Each week food, clothing, furniture, household goods, and other useful items are brought to the Soledad and Gonzales farm worker camps (alternately). It is a good time to play with kids and talk with families as they select necessary items.